As a Leader

Robi Botos - Old Soul (Amazon | iTunes)

Robi Botos - Movin'Forward (Amazon | iTunes)

Robi Botos - Place to Place (Amazon | iTunes)

Paul Novotny and Robi Botos - Look Ahead (Amazon | iTunes)

Robi Botos Quintet - Friday Night Jazz (Amazon)

Robi Botos Trio - Christmas Eve (Amazon

As a Sideman

Joey Defrancesco - One Take - Vol. 4 (Amazon)

Terri Lynne Carrington - One Take - Vol. 2 (Amazon)

Cinque - Cathc a Corner (iTunes)

Dave Young Quintet - Mean What You Say (iTunes)

Vito Rezza - Drums of Avila (CDUniverse)

Alexis Barlo - From the Other Side (iTunes)

Amanda Martinez - Amor (iTunes)

Sophie Milman - Take Love Easy (iTunes)

rinsethealgorithm - Locutions (iTunes)

Nikki Yanofsky - Nikki (iTunes)

Dave Young Quintet - Aspects of Oscar (iTunes)





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